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Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
the later christian tradition. you see, it's paul who starts the writing of the new testament by writing letters to these fledgling congregations in the cities of the greek east. >> paul alludes in a number of his letters to the message that he would have communicated verbally, probably. he emphasizes two things: on the one hand, very clearly the importance of the death and resurrection of jesus; on the other hand, he also emphasizes the... the importance of understanding the end time and the immediacy of the end time, and that one must be prepared for it. and the way one prepares for it is to be good. we find a lot of ethics in... in paul. and it's around this issue of how one... one lives in anticipation of the end time that's just around the corner, for paul. >> narrator: the death and resurrection of jesus lie at the very heart of paul's preaching, but it is a story that pre-dates paul and goes back to the first followers of jesus in jerusalem. >> ( dramatized ): joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn in the rock
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Dec 29, 2012 11:00am PST
think we are, paul. i'm not sure about the country. barack obama i think is the center left or left wing president since the great depression and i think that what barack obama has in mind to do is indeed to redistribute income from the top downward, not to cut spending, but to increase spending, it's explicit from a 20% of gdp to 25% gdp and rather than cut spending raise taxes as necessary to support that spending and i would say that is in fact essentially the french model. and the question is whether it can support enough growth in the economy. >> paul: taxes are going up, we know that, spending, going up for sure even before the health care law kicks in. so, we are moving in that direction, particularly in the entitlement state. not reforming it, but actually expanding it. >> aen what happened this year was the supreme court helping this along, you have the justices essentially rewrite legislation changing the plain text that congress passed in order to declare obamacare constitutional, which is a little scary, that that highest justices in the land would take that sort of activist
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 11:00am PST
they are role in that debacle effect her plans for 2016? welcome to the journal, editorial report, i'm paul gigot, as the nation copes with the shooting deaths of six deaths and 20 children at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut efforts turn now to preventing the next tragedy, with president obama appointing a task force for gun violence and members of congress calling for stricter gun control measures. but my guest this week says the heart of the problem is not the availability of weapons, but the abundance of individuals with severe mental disorders who are not being treated. dr. e fuller is the founder of the treatment advocacy center and author of the "insanity offense" how america's failure it treat the seriously mentally ill is endangering its citizens. doctor torrey. welcome here. and you've written you're not against guns, but people's access. how many people are we talking about across the united states. >> it's a gun problem and a mental illness problem and 7 million at any given time, of these, half are not being treated at any given time and about 1% or 70,000 are poten
Dec 29, 2012 6:00am EST
name is john paul dejoria." >> the making of the billion-dollar hair-care giant john paul mitchell systems. their stories of staggering success on this special edition of "how i made my billions." >> good evening. i'm tyler mathisen. tonight, two debt-ridden rebels wind up starting businesses that sky-rocket them well past the million-dollar mark into the billion-dollar stratosphere. sir james dyson wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. he earned his lofty title by re-imagining a household product that he thought simply "sucked" -- the vacuum cleaner. his overhaul of the machine nearly cleaned him out. now he's seriously cleaning up. [ vacuum cleaner running ] >> sir james, i think you missed something here. meet sir james dyson. he rarely misses a thing, especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners. >> actually, i think that's in the carpet. >> remember his tv ads that didn't just nitpick traditional machines? >> and the bags and filters were hopelessly clogged, so i thought i'd try and design something better. >> he's the guy who decided to ditch the bag and show us the di
Dec 24, 2012 7:15am EST
: paul jennings and the madisons." it's about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon. first i am a first time author, and i'm thrilled to be here. [applause] this was a true labor of love. i researched my topic for three years and spent a year-plus writing it. it is hummabling and gratifying to see it so well received, and to be following walter isakson, robert caro, and tony. [applause] i came to develop a strong interest in paul jennings when i was director of education at james madison's month peelier in virginia. i was familiar with jennings' memoir considered by the white house historical association to be the first memoir of life in the white house. it was titled "a colored man's rem innocences of james madison," and as the title implies, it's really more about the so-called great man than it was about the author himself. my interest was in paul jennings. i set out to discover elements of his own biography to uncover the circumstances behind the original publication of the memoir in 1865 and to find an interview living direct descendents. a slave in the white house, paul jennings and th
Dec 24, 2012 3:00am PST
and conversation between susie and jean paul gaultier. i feel very fortunate at the fine arts museum because in fact susie mencus' son lives in the bay area and she comes frequently to visit the family. it is always my favorite time of in the exhibition, when she comes and i get to walk through the exhibition with her. it is so learnful. i wanted to share that opportunity with the rest of the bay area. one of my favorites, during the laurent exhibition, one of my favorite moments is one suzy stopped in her tracks. she said, this is it, this is what is true of any great artist or any great designer. when they do something, it can be shocking and avant-garde, but years later, we stand and look at it and believe it has always existed. i think that this is true of jean paul gaultier's work. i know that have been friends for a very long time. it is my honor to introduce both suzy menkes, fashion editor of the international herald tribune, and mr. jean paul gaultier. [applause] >> the love seat. [laughter] i just want to know, can you hear me? please shout loudly if you cannot. [laughter] yes or n
Dec 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
for bay area families." paul head of california middle market banking of jpmorgan chase is here. you have a great check but before that, tell us about your company's commitment to make sure people have simple things like food to put on the table this time of year. >> sure, paul. at jpmorgan chase, we're doing what we can to end hunger in the san francisco bay area this holiday season. and we're here today pleased to provide a check from our chase foundation to the san francisco food bank. >> it's a big check too. >> it's a big check. $110,000. >> excellent. very good. thank you, paul. [ applause and cheers ] >> that's going to feed a tremendous -- thousands of people in this area. now, paul ash from the food bank san francisco and marin county, $110,000 is a lot of money. this is a big need around the holiday season but we have a big need year round. >> we do. we're incredibly grateful for jpmorgan chase's gift of this magnitude because it will help us into the new year as we provide service every day of the year. >> and how can folks at home -- they may not have $110,000 but they might h
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
paul. well, i hear you're planning on a new well? that's right cully. we're getting about half the water we need from that old one. remember when it was dug, said at the time it wasn't dug down deep enough. you're sure right, mr. wilson. of course, that was almost twenty years ago, wasn't so much calling water. it's the irrigating that's using it all up now, cully. you heard me talk of that down at the grains, paul. not too sure so much water is good for growing things. god makes them grow, god provides the water they need. would you like a cup of coffee, cully? no, no thank you, ruth. i just get up from the supper table. oh, alright, excuse me. what's that, mr. wilson? looks like an old fork stick. fork stick? ha. it's called a divining rod, timmy. finds water, made out of weeping willows. dad says a geologist finds water. ha, that's a waste of money, this is the best way to find the water i know. well i guess it's alright cully if you believe in it. believe in it? ha, paul i have had three farms and all of the water i have had i have found with a divining rod. my father he us
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
. let's get right to it with chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> things are getting much more active. lots of rainfall. lets get right to cbs 5 hi-def doppler which is showing you some pretty steady rainfall moving right toward the san francisco peninsula, there we go. about ten minutes away from invading the city. daly city, you're included in that. vacaville, fairfield, all the way up toward sacramento. look at this wide shot here. thunderstorms, so a couple hours to our north and west. that's the next wave of heavy rainfall that will move through. the rain, how about half a foot of new rain? more than two inches for santa rosa. it trails off when you get into the south bay but there's lots more coming over the weekend. snowfall in which one day, only one, will be mainly dry over the next week. coming up soon. >> paul. thanks for that. >>> the storm made a mess all over the bay area, especially, as paul says, the north bay. cbs 5 reporter elisa is in marin tonight. >> reporter: the rain is really starting to come down and we're starting to feel strong wind gusts, just the st
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
playoff game this season... but as paul geesser ells us... playoff pride is stuck in neuural for some. 3 it'ssbeen a slow chrissmas break at nightmare printing in columbia(game nats in background: "flacco: looking deep!" "got background: "flacco: (game nats in columbia printing in at nightmare printing in columbia(game nats in background: "flacco: looking deep!"""got him!")but, tten... the purppe aad black... got back on track. (another game nat: "touchdown ravens!")fred fillah, fans cliiched up the north, weehad to set aside some time to get bodies in here to help us andeeman, nightmare graphics: 14405 "but after sunday's resouudinn win, ...14.20 i think that ppople are starting to get excited aaain."and, the printing machines staatee spitting out shirts.fred filllh, fans only: t18.21 "it seems like three weeks ago, they were likeethe number three team in football. i hoo."paul gessler, reporter: - ""ne shirt supplier told us they're actually holding off on printing ravens playoff ssirts until the team can make playoffs--proof, not everyone is all-in on this afc northh champion."rober
Dec 22, 2012 9:30pm CST
game from brandon paul....he nails a long three pointer.....paul had 23...illini up 17-14... and they still held a slight lead in the 2nd half...tyler griffey also goes deep....illinois led by one...54-53.. but they lost the battle of the boards...58-35 and lost the game... paul pressey to laurence bowens for the stuff...he led the tigers with 23....the illinois loses for the first time this season...82-73....they are 12 and 1. depaul going for its seventh in a row...facing maryland baltimore....the demons off an early lead...brandon young goes to jamie crockett for the alley opp....depaul up by 5... they played some good defense in this one...worell clahar the steal...and the ball goes to cleveland melvin for the jam...he had 24....depaul wins it...69-61...they are now 9 and 3. horizon league action... uic loses 82-70 to miami of ohio..the flames 9-3 loyola beats st. peters 53- 49..the ramblers 7 and 4. thad matta and 7th ranked ohio state had 9th ranked kansas in house at columbus...the buckeyes down by one in the first half when lenzelle smith junior nails the flush
Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
in the new testament is paul, and his first letter is dated around 50 to 52; so still a good 20 years after jesus himself. but it appears that in between the death of jesus and the writing of the first gospel, mark, that they clearly are telling stories. they're passing on the tradition of what happened to jesus-- what he stood for and what he did-- orally, by telling it and retelling it. >> narrator: meeting in each others' homes, early christians told stories of jesus' parables and miracles, and of his suffering and death. these were not historical accounts, but shared memories shaped by a common past. >> legend and myth and hymn and prayer are the vehicles in which oral traditions develop. one could, for example, imagine that the oldest way in which the early christians told about jesus' suffering and death was the hymn that paul quotes in philippians 2: >> ( dramatized ): and being found in human form, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. >> paul quotes this hymn in the early '50s of the first century. he quotes this as a hymn that probabl
Dec 22, 2012 4:30am PST
's check in with cnn political editor paul steinhauser in washington for more on this. paul? political editor paul steinhauser with more. >> it seems the tragedy in newtown may be making an impact on public opinion in gun control in ways that other mass shootings have not. more people told us they were angry, shocked and fearful following the sandy hook elementary school shootings than they did after a mass shooting in tucson, arizona, leaving some dead and others, including congresswoman gabby giffords, severely injured. some say that government and society can take action to prevent violence. that's up 15%. >> a discussion has re-emerged as to what we might do to not only deter mass shootings in the future but reduce epidemic of gun violence that plagues this country every single day. >> that was the president on wednesday as he announced a new effort to prevent such shootings. minds are changing, 43% say the elementary school shootings make them more likely to support gun control laws, 15-point increase from january 2011. and 52% say they now favor major restrictions on guns or maki
Dec 29, 2012 2:00am PST
-backed senator who would stand in the way and say it won't pass me. >> are you giving rand paul the side eye? >> i had him in mind, true. >> and at the end of the day, mitch mcconnell is a better leader of the caucus than boehner is, and mcconnell has controlled the levers of the filibuster process, and the tact that he is meeting with harry reid means there won't be a filibuster and i would be surprised if he could not whip the congress. we have not seen a weaker speaker of the house than john boehner who has essentially thrown up the hands and walked away from the process and the konts tugs constitutional mandate that spending is controlled by the house and not the senate, and he says you guys pass something. they were going to pass it anyway and it is the house that is the problem, and always has been, and this is the same congress behaving this way for two years. >> thank you, joy reid, and thank you, clarence page. we have a great programming note. sunday, barack obama will be david gregory's guest. i think you can bet that david will ask him all about the fiscal cliff talks. that is on
Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
the car around, paul. we enjoyed your story, mr. bronson. you must come out to the farm and see us sometime. thanks. i'll do that. thank you. bye bye. oh, timmy - you take good care of that dog and remember to read the spectator. your name is going to be in it tomorrow. gosh. and lassie's, too? uh huh. in big headlines, just like balto. gee, thanks. thanks for finding this, too. bye. bye. merry christmas. lassie will be happy, too, because she'll be close to us all. ♪ ♪ how's lassie? doc weaver said she's gonna be fine. mike wasn't going to give lassie a present until christmas, but we thought it might cheer her up. ♪ gosh, she doesn't act so good. will she be able to go caroling with us tomorrow night? of course she will. - boy, will we have a time. first we'll stop at mrs. woodruff's. she makes that swell mince pie, remember? i sure do. - then we'll go to willy bruster's; they always have hot crullers. - i had two of them last year. then we'll visit the sinnots, and fill up on gingerbread santa clauses. i hope mrs. brown has those candied apples. boy i
Dec 23, 2012 7:15pm EST
washington or paul revere. now, the process for putting this book together was quite a journey for me. i started out as an easiest, then became a collector and then became an educator to her website called raglan and ultimately through this book. the story how i first discovered historic newspapers have been about five years ago. at least when i took her first family vacation to illinois, a cozy mississippi river town, were on the main strip every discovered they were bookshop and in that rare book shop i found this nondescript container full of old newspapers, picked one up and started reading it and it april 21st 1865 near times. i was reading abraham lincoln assess the nation every word for the capture of his conspirators. that moment triggered in me an intense passion and enthusiasm for history that i previously had never had. so for the next five years, it became this journey of meticulous collecting a newspapers because i'm tucked away in the midwest. i don't have convenient access to a lot of the wonderful archives on the east coast. i don't have access to a lot of the orig
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm PST
♪ ♪ >> i just called president obama to congratulate him. >> i congratulated him and paul ryan on a hard-fought campaign. >> i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> we are an american family, and we rise or fall together. the task of perfecting our union moving forward. >> tonight, we are celebrating the year in the news, the winners, the losers, the person of the year. and we will hand out the donald trump award. all right, let's start with the most valuable player of 2012, alex wagner. >> in my book, it is david, you saw the beginnings, with dean, and obama. >> krystal? the most valuable player? >> probably to waiter who placed the camera at the mitt romney fundraiser and captured the 47% comments, which i think showed a lot of people their concerns about mitt romney and the fact he really was not there for all of america. that he didn't understand the problems that average americans were facing. >> let's listen to that little moment of video history. the 47%. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president, there are 47% of people who are
Dec 23, 2012 8:00pm EST
>> tonight on c-span, a 90- minutes "q&a" when paul reid. that is followed by question time with british prime minister david cameron. then a discussion on the so- called fiscal cleft. -- fiscal cliff. >> this week on "q&a," a 90- minute discussion with paul reid, co-author of "the last lion: winston spencer churchill, defender of the realm, 1940- 1965." >> paul reid, co-author of "the last lion," the third of a trilogy. if you could have dinner with winston churchill and ask him a serious question, what would it be? >> well, he did not like strangers. he did not like the press. i would ask him about his religious beliefs, or lack thereof. i found that fascinating. he was a victorian man. he made himself into a classical man. he had -- he lived his life in accordance with a precursor to the christian ethic that you find in plato and greek philosophers. this godless ethic. i found that fascinating. i would enjoy talking with him about that. and then -- let's see. the second front. i would like to have a final word, because we americans have set him up with -- at one point, al
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
-estate boom could not last and have the macroeconomics facts. it. >> paul sleazy. >> i have of a big chapter on marks. a new dark age. the kind of know my views. each chapter has these -- by chadic read these very clever titles. its militants paradise. paul was a marxist economist that taught at harvard university. an austrian economist, defended having in their started a monthly review, something like that. a publication to defend socialism and marxism. albert einstein wrote for the very first issue. it can avoid getting marilyn monroe to pose for the first issue of playboy. so he was a brilliant man a few years ago, kind of the representative of the marxist academic point of view. as i . out, they have similar views to the austrians in one respect. both schools are very pessimistic about the future. in case of paul sleazy, the twilight of capitalism. it constantly rewriting that title. capitalism is about to collapse at any time. the austrians have the same thing. the bone, economic boom that we just cannot last. depression or what have you. i am a little bit more optimistic, more in the c
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 11:30am PST
the climate moves on and latest, temperature might rise 1 degree sells ycelsius, by 2100. . >> paul: mary there's persuading certain kind of behavior. i think that the government can regulate things we agree as a society we don't want and we do that with cigarettes, we do that with alcohol and should do it with other drugs. >> paul: thanks, mary. if you have your own hit or miss, please send it to us at and follow us on twitter@gerfnc. thanks to my fan and all of you watching, i'm paul gigot and hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> i'm sorry, mr. ambassador, but your statement that the president and ambassador-- and secretary clinton made clear that it was a terrorist attack right afterwards is not true. it's not accurate. >> jon: following the release of the benghazi report which slams the state department for failures at high levels, congressional hearings get underway to unravel the murky details surrounding the deadly terror attack on our consulate. >> i want to first start by apologizing to the deputy-secretaries because you have been
Dec 25, 2012 10:00pm PST
impressive rainfall totals. paul? >> reporter: more rainfall. another inch of rainfall throughout much of the bay area. here is a four-hour time lapse of what has been going around this evening. maybe you've been hanging out chilling with your family. outside it's been quite the storm. it's been rough out there. here's what's going on right now with a little bit of the break in the north bay and the east bay, which has received a significant amount of rainfall over the past half hour. exiting san jose right now and across the past 20 to 30 minutes. and over the top of hayward and also the oakland hills. the rainfall just from today, christmas, more than an inch for kentfield and another inch, plus a little change. nearly an inch of rainfall for alameda and almost one inch of rainfall today in lafayette. that means almost half a foot of rain so far this month at sfo. last december through christmas, we had .8 inches of rainfall. this year we have seen 44 more times of rain compared to last december. now there are sunnier moments coming up in your extended forecast. we will let you know
Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm PST
totals and a look at what comes next. paul. >> a lot of folks in the bay area once again saw an additional inch of rainfall. most of that falling this evening. very active on the radar. want to start with the time lapses to show you how much rain has fallen. notice the last couple images there, including this live one, not as much going on. things are beginning to calm down now that the actual cold front, the boundary has moved through. san jose, milpitas, campbell. you're getting a break. you are seeing the rain ending, but st. helena now the rain is just picking up. more than an inch of rainfall just today on christmas. nearly an inch of rainfall for both alameda and lafayette. things are starting to add up for this december. almost a half a foot of rainfall at sfo. this year we've seen 44 times more rainfall compared to just one year ago. so when does the rain move out and what when can do we see a prolonged dry period? i'll have the answer coming up. >> all right. look forward to it. thank you. >>> on the peninsula. people who live along a creek have spent the last two da
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
fair shopping center in san leandro this morning. we turn now to cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno and paul, just how much did we get? >> we got more than an inch of rainfall again in many locations. want to show you first just what's going on right now that we are getting indeed that break from the rainfall. cbs 5 hi-def doppler dry from the north bay all the way south to san jose. san jose about a third of an inch of rainfall yesterday. christmas rainfall for san rafael more than an inch. another inch of rain for san francisco. another inch of rain for oakland. half a foot of rainfall now officially in san francisco making this is wettest month of the year. we almost had this much in march. we'll talk about our next rain chance and how much rain to expect then coming up in about 10 minutes in your full forecast. >> thank you. >>> the rain here, well, you know, that means snow not in sierra. this is nyack on i-80 and drivers heading to the mountains can expect some slippery roads, chain controls and just slow going. you can track the next round of rain that's moving in anytime o
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
... pooice shoot and kill a man in & baltimore county ....paul gessllr joins us live ffom the & gas station where thh shooting took place... tell us why pooicee say ttey were forced to ssoot . paul-- -3 3 you wouldn'' know it if you were just driving by......or pumping gas at ttis shell & tation.but, early thii morning, baatimore county police say a man wenn aftee one of their officers with a weepon. weappn. 3 aa saturday turred to sunday in catonsville, baltimore county police say they oticed "observed a suspicious man behind the shell station."it's unclear whht that mmn was doing behind thii gas station here on he corner of edmondson avenue and north bend roaa.neighbors say nearby westgaae park-- across the baltimore city llne-- is rarely see trouble.catty - patton, baltiioreeco. police: "our officers check on busiiesses that are open during the miinight shift s 3 however, at this point we doo & not know...why he was therr." police say they asked the man - to leave.cathy batton, - bbltimore co. police: "he apporachhd the man, skkd him
Dec 24, 2012 3:30am PST
this. i do not have my gaultier touch at that time. so then it was like to make jean paul gaultier for ermez. no, sorry, to make ermez through the eyes of jean paul gaultier. i love that. then there was a death. it was seven years after our collaboration. i think it was good to go in, because my life was not with ermez. it was for my own company. so we changed. we pushed. spanish rudes, perfume routes. sounds very good to my ears. i am a quite truthful person >. >> is there always going to be a controversial side of jean paul gaultier? there was a time when you were inspired by rabbis. i believe you're in new york, there were a bunch of rabbis he saw walking by the public library, you turned it into a collection. you must have known this was dramatic and would be alarming to people. >> i should say that in some way, i think i have a kind of innocence. like that is not that big part of me. when it is beautiful, i believe in it. i saw it was beautiful. i wanted to show it. for me, it was so strong, the impression. it was beautiful. and with a lot of meaning for me. it was meaning for
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
and then paul manning. there were cards on the table. if not,, if you just want to get in line as we have two cards. richard, come on up. >> good morning, commissioners, commissioner fong speaking again, i had the pleasure of attending the palace of fine art community meeting on the 12th and i thought they were going to do pretty good work, so in retrospect, i look at it and i don't quite agree with the layout, so i don't know what that's going to do, so through the chair, commissioner, allan low, i think you're on the committee as such, i would like to see if i can bring in some recommendations that might enhance the development. we had a list of different people, jan was there, she's the executive director, there was a lot of people there, very high dignitary people, even jim lazarus was there, when i took a look at what they had planned out, they had architects where the explore tor yum is going to leave, so the planning that would be looked at, they want to open up the middle of that building, it's like a part of a hanger, so they were thinking about opening it up in the middle and making
Dec 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
of the aegean sea, a visitor arrived at the greek city of corinth. his name was paul of tarsus. >> let's imagine paul going up the main street of corinth, through the monumental roman archway, into the forum, the center of city life, the place where all the business and in most of the political activities are done in the public life of this greco-roman city. here are the shops, here are the offices of the city magistrates, and we are standing literally in the shadow of the great temple of apollo. >> narrator: apollo, the sun god, watched over the fortunes of corinth. like zeus, hera, artemis and athena, apollo was one of the olympian gods, that family of divinities who presided over the ancient and diverse pagan universe. >> paganism is our designation for what 90-something percent of the people in the mediterranean were doing. jews are a visible minority. and then, everybody is doing lots of other things. >> one would have found a rich array of deities meeting the various needs of individuals. it's like going to a supermarket and being able to sort of shop for god. and you have them at various
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
globe." the bravest error of the campaign, not letting the voters in on the real paul, mitt romney. guest: sometimes it did not quite liked what they saw item that was the duality. he had a very narrow path to trod in terms of his own personal narrative. i remember being on one campaign swing out west and talking with one of the senior advisor to said, we cannot do these off the record business, coffee shops and diners that he can do because we just don't know what's going to come out of his mouth. guest: that the unspoken issue in terms of why the campaign was hard. yes, there was an assumption overate%. the implicit was also this. they were worried about their own candidate. there was a saying inside campaign headquarters, "mitt happens." it would be hard to get them to admit this in the record but he was a political health risk to himself. he said things that left them surprised or puzzled as to what he said torments and that, i think, rose as some of the staff in terms of how much romney they wanted to show. host: why did he choose congressman paul ryan? guest: to a certain ext
Dec 23, 2012 5:00am PST
in vatican 2. after that, pope paul the sixth reinstated it. >> were there different circumstances in the 1940s and 1950s that sought to fill a hole that the deacons could fill? >> i think so, especially if the european society. with the coming of the wars and there were just lots of social unrest and disruption and the need for the church to address some of that through charitable works, works of justice and that sort of became a sponsor. there was actually a lot of discussion about it by catholics that were confined to concentration camps in the 1940s t comes out of the concentration camps, some of the early literature. >> and then it became a matter of universal church concern. >> right. >> what was the date that it was reestablished? >> 1967. >> 1967. >> i can't be more specific than that we'll talk about what deacons do since 1967, especially in the united states. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. you're watching mosaic. welcome to all of you watching us. and we're talking about deacons today. it's not a very well known group of people in the church. and we want to make it a li
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
they could not win. the most naughty of passes. two point lead early. higher and faster. 23-18 de paul. we will stay in the second half. melvin took over. 43-32. more melvin. he is a bonafide star. 61, de paul the winner. that did not go so well. into the corner it goes. we go the other way. the down stroke on the aleuts. today.c.j. i do not know how he kept that going. temple knocks off syracuse, 83- 79. there is saturday night football in the nfl. check your fantasy football lineups. east carolina and louisiana entertained. in the second quarter, on the right side. there he goes. 68 yards, he gets to the end zone. 28-7. raging cajuns be too comfortable for a home game. have to show you this. hot potato. louisiana the winner. >> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial. >> as we come to the close of another year, we think of love once sacrificing their lives for our liberty and pursuit of happiness. we take our regularly scheduled editorial time to share greetings from those in the military to their families in maryland. they will also be available on from our family two years, happy ho
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
standing in their way. first quarter, chris paul to deandre jordan, where no one was standing in his way. billy crystal said, you look marvelous. clippers up 13-4. later on, clippers still rolling. blake griffin. showing brandon bass part of his arsenal. turnaround "j." that would work. a second to go in the first. rajon rondo kevin garnet. the big ticket, a rain check. goes down by ten. clippers still in front. jamal crawford with a tough lay-in. the only kind he makes. clippers with a 47-36 lead. paul to griffin. griffin goes up for what looked to be an unbelievable jam. he and jared sullinger, they collide. paul pierce finds lamar odom. great block right there. later in the fourth, matt barnes, passes the wide ball for three. count it. chris paul was loving it. the clippers go on to win this one, 106-77. >>> college hoops. new mexico taking on cincinnati. unbeaten bearcats down a pair. crash mere wright for three. cincy back in front. 54-53. ensuing lobo possession. hugh greenwood to tony snell. new mexico, they win this one, 55-54. >>> that will do it for your espn news update. don't
Dec 23, 2012 6:00am PST
here. morning, paul. - how are ya, al? hello, matt. how are you? - hey. i'm afraid we've got some bad news. well i'll come right to the point: because of your son's animal feeding project, i've lost some valuable livesto. - i'm sorry to hear that. come on inside and we'll talk a. - well alright. morning, ruth. - morning. mrs. martin. hello, dear. - now last night, wolves raided my farm. they killed a bull calf and two. - they raided my place, too. and the johnstons'. - then you were right, timmy. they were wolves. they were here, too. and lassie chased them away. it's funny. there haven't been any wolves around here for many years. well we got them now. i seen 'em good and clear, and so did livermore. the scent of the deer is what brought them here. now those feeding grounds have got to be stopped! but if it's the deer they're after, why would they attack the farm animals? maybe the wolves were weak from hunger, timmy. well, it's easier for them to go after the domestic animals. the deer can still run away from them. stop the feeding grounds and the deer will be forced o
Dec 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >>> a tree in free mont fell and crushed some cars. cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul leano has more. >> reporter: dry conditions, but there is another weather maker i. will be here by this time tomorrow. high definition doppler drop throughout the bay area. a couple specks of green out west. that will arrive tomorrow. rain around the bay and more snow in the sierra. great news for skiers. above 5,000 feet. the forecast was calling for 8 to 20 inches of new snowfall on top of the 4.5 feet that fell over the weekend. rainfall totals since thanksgiving. you have had more than a dozen inches for san rafael and santa rosa. walnut creek, half of your annual rainfall over the past five weeks and 5 inches over the past five weeks in san jose. we will talk about the entire outlook coming up in a few. >> see you then, paul. you can track the storm any time at >>> still no sign of a man who ran from police at a dui stop, hopped a fence and jumped in the creek. cbs 5 reporter don ford tells us the man disappeared around 12:30 this morning after police lost sight of him. >> po
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
was the whirl approximat--. so i started doing that and bill phillips said forget the metaphors, paul. we want to write a 21st book in a voice different than manchester's. and if churchill use as metaphor and it is in quotes that is one thing but we are not trying to imitate either one of them. and that worked wonderfully. and bill also, on the facts of he told me i'm editing for read ability. if you tell me the bismarck sank on this date in this ocean, you know, i'm going to take your word for it, paul. he was not editing as newspaper editor does. that was a learning experience for me. my editors, if i wrote a feature story about the bismarck, they would say verified and sank on this day and this ocean and this many people died and the write ability was not of their highest concern. host: do you and bill phillips have any plans to meet? guest: yes. well, no hard plans. i was going to meet him this very week and i had some dental issues that resulted in canceling the boston tour. i would love to meet him. my dream is at some tphaoepblg seafood -- new england seafood place because i miss that a
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
time on the rand paul, john mccain, and lee amendments occur between now and 3:30 p.m., and that at 4:00 p.m. the senate resume votes in relation to the amendments as listed in the previous order, that there be two minutes equally divided prior to each vote and other provisions of the previous order remain in effect. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. ms. mikulski: mr. president, with this agreement, we'll be ready to resume our stacked series of votes on this bill at 4:00 p.m. i just want to alert my colleagues, with the concurrence on the other side of the aisle, there will only be two minutes equally divided prior to each vote so senators really need to remain in and around the chambers so we can complete action on this legislation. if we can keep the amendments to the time agreement that is usual and customary, we'll be able to conclude -- our time this evening will be spent because the votes go on too long. so if we can follow regular order, the way we've been doing, i think we'll be able to move all of our amendments. and i really want to thank senator
Dec 25, 2012 7:00am EST
? caller: i thought that mr. paul was a class act. host: that was tom from texas. tell us about your political hero. e-mail and twitter. give us a call, 202-585-3881 for republicans. 202-585-3880 for democrats. they all start with 202 area codes. a lot of comments on facebook and twitter. this comes from twitter. host: she only has 140 characters. wendy from oakland, new jersey. go ahead. caller: hi. i believe the political hero should be hillary clinton. host: why is that? caller: she has kept peace around the world. she has been able to focus on the problems here in america while she is done a tremendous job overseas. host: what would you like to see out of there? caller: become the next president of united states. i think it is a strong possibility. you mentioned travel and keeping people safe. any specific accomplishment that sticks out in your mind? caller: meeting with the pakistanis leaders and going to different countries and dealing with the world issues and being a good negotiator, peacemaker and her demeanor. unbelievable and outstanding. host: ruth from texas, you are on.
Dec 23, 2012 11:30am PST
us to go over the fiscal cliff who will americans blame? cnn's paul stein hauser takes a look at the latest polls. >> hey, miguel. first things first, americans are worried about the tax increases and spending cuts that would kick in if the nation falls off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. check this out, seven of ten questioned in our cnn/orc national poll said they there would be major problems or a crisis in the country if that happens. >> part of what voters were looking for, is some compromise up here. that's what, that's what folks want. >> and our poll indicates more americans want the republicans rather than the democrats could compromise more to reach bipartisan solutions. >> the democrat-controlled senate and white house have no plan and have offer nod plan all year to deal with these looming cuts. >>> but the public doesn't seem to agree. and more people would blame republicans in congress rather than the president if no deal is reached. one reason why? more people see the views and policies of the gop rather than the democratic party as too extreme. that wa
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